Anyone can speak into a microphone. But what listeners hear needs to sound good as well. That's what production's all about

     Narrating a book or recording a script is just the first step in vocal audio production. It can take up to two hours to record an hour of usable audio. It takes hours more to make it sound like an author hears their content or characters in their heads.

      I devote most of my production efforts to the audiobooks I narrate myself. But if you have any type of vocal audio you'd just like to sound better, I  deliver good results.

The Production Process

     No different than when an author types a book's final period, it always feels good to narrate the final page. Then, the production work begins. 

     OwnMade Audiobook's promise to deliver a professionally produced audiobook requires many hours of fine tuning. From start to finish, the post-production process includes several steps.

         1)  Narrate the book.

         2)  Prepare a punch cut. Listen to the narration while following in the book to correct errors and improve pacing.

         3)  Create and process an audio plug-in chain to improve overall sound quality.

         4)  Listen to audio file again, manually making fine edits to soften sibilance and remove distracting noise artifacts.

         5)  Read and listen a final time, fixing minor problems that may remain after previous post-production processing.

         6)  Master the set of audio files to meet all technical specifications required to sell audiobooks on

Enhance Your Sound

     Need something done concerning the spoken word? Chances are high that OwnMade Audiobooks can provide.

An author records her own novel, preparing to give the audio files to OwnMade Audiobooks to produce a high-quality audiobook.

Author Narration

    Want to voice your own book? Just record  yourself doing it and send me the files. I'll fix the errors and take care of the technical details.

A recorded lecturer demonstrates one type of recording that OwnMade Audiobooks can clean up and make suitable for sharing.

Audio Cleanup

    Do you have a bad recording of a presentation you want to share? Send me the file. I'll make it sound better and more easily understood. 

A lightning bolt illustrates a type of special audio effect OwnMade Audiobooks can add to make an audiobook more compelling.

Special Effects

    Vocal gymnastics are the only special features most audiobooks need. But if you want thunder, mood music, or crowd noise, I can add it.