Affordable Pricing

     Narrating and producing an audiobook is a complex process that requires major investments of time and skill. I know not everyone can afford them.

     That's why OwnMade Audiobooks uses purpose-driven pricing. A book's intended use or sales potential affects that price that I charge.

     Creating an audiobook intended to sell on  Audible will cost more than a wedding gift, or a recording created to inspire a child become a better writer or reader. 

     Whatever the bill, you get what you pay for. The price I charge isn't based on a set fee, or even the number of hours I devote to a project. You pay only for the hours of polished audio you receive. 

Purpose-Driven Price Points

Without Royalties


(per finished recorded hour)

   This applies to fully produced  audiobooks that you intend to sell directly or sell on Audible.
   If either one of us declines to share royalties, I charge a higher hourly rate. Royalties compensate for the lower initial cost. 

Split Royalties


(per finished recorded hour)

   This also applies to audiobooks that you sell directly or on Audible. If I receive a royalty share for each sale, I charge much less up front. For books with proven high sales potential, I may offer to create the audiobook for a royalty share only.

Just Reading


(per finished recorded hour)

   Popular with students who want to listen to college textbooks, this is a straight no-frills recording with minimal post-production work.
   This price doesn't include error checking or pacing edits, or other higher-level production activities.   

Production Only Pricing

In most cases, the prices listed above still apply. For a book I don't narrate, I can't control the recording environment, so post-production is more difficult. So is correcting errors, which may require re-recording some sentences. Tonally matching the new snippets to what you recorded earlier takes a lot of extra time.

Minimum Price for Any Project: $159

To begin a project, I require advance payment of half of its estimated cost.
After I finish, I'll deliver the audiobook upon receipt of the portion remaining.

     If you have questions, that's perfectly understandable! Feel free to ask them or request a free estimate