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Recent Releases

     I'm working all the time on a wide a variety of audiobook projects. The books listed below are those I've most recently narrated and produced. All are currently available for purchase through Audible, Amazon, iTunes, or Apple's iOS Books app. Click on the audiobook's thumbnail, and you'll be taken to Audible, where you can listen to short sample.

Communities and Crime

By Pamela Wilcox, et al link to the Communities and Crime audiobook, a criminology survey by Pamela Wilcox et al, narrated by Scot Wilcox.

   This intellectual history of criminology looks at major theories and research over time.
   It also examines how ideas of community have resulted in changing crime reduction policies.

I Spy, You Spy, They Spy

By Denise Noe

   This collection of "True Tales of the Vicious and Victimized" begins with the legendary Mata Hari.
   You'll also learn about Alger Hiss, Vera Atkins, the Falcon and the Snowman, and Jonathan Pollard.

Fitting the Facts of Crime

By Chad Posick, et al

   This book introduces you to 12 "facts of crime" upon which most criminologists agree.
   The authors explain how crime is a result of biological, psychological, and sociological causes.

     CURRENTLY WORKING ON: The Way of Medicine: Ethics and the Healing Profession, by Farr Curlin and Christopher Tollefsen